Here you can see what I am making at the moment, and you can see the design process, also how the patchwork quilts are made. I hope you enjoy the diary style of this page.

 Quilts for 2019 

 19rd January 2019

Happy New year to all my visitors!

This is the first quilt of the year, made for newly born baby Joseph William. This is the larger size cot quilt:


 The backing fabric matches the blue polka dots on the front of the quilt:


 Here is a close up:


 This second quilt is also a cot size, made as a present for Ellie and baby Wilfred. It uses lots of woodland fabrics in a random bricks and mortar design. Not a quiet quilt but with lots to talk about...


 Here is a close up:


 27th January 2019

Jenny's friend is having a second baby and I have been asked to make a Disney themed cot quilt made for Jenny to give to her friend who is having a baby in March.

Here is the finished quilt which is a large cot size:


Here are some close ups:


 I love the soft colours of this quilt....


 The binding is white with a peppermint coloured polka dot print. The backing fabric is white with little scenes from Bambi:


 6th February 2019

For some time I have been collecting together my purple fabrics and scraps and I was given some fantastic off cuts by a lovely local dressmaker who makes little girls' shift dresses in modern fabrics. So after Christmas I started to think about them and it seemed that the best design would be in strips of different widths. This is quite a different quilt and the colours made me feel very happy when I was making it. The poem 'When I am old I will wear purple' is certainly the theme for this quilt! Here it is.....


 The quilting stitching is in horizontal wavy lines....


 There are so many fabrics in this quilt, there are flowers, birds, guitars, butterflies, apples, dots and squiggles and it has a slight 70's look somehow. The backing fabric is aqua blue-green with a tiny polka dot. The binding is vintage Laura Ashley fabric in a colour which blends with the main quilt.


I took the quilt for a walk as I thought it would photograph well against a green background on our local common. Here it is held up by my portable quilt stand (husband) , his instructions were to hide head and feet , a postion he could only manage for a second or too, so I'm pleased the photo worked well!


 Quilt measurements: 60 inches long (153cm) x 49 inches wide (125cm)

 Made from all cotton fabrics. Wadding 80% cotton 20% polyester.

This quilt is now sold.

 27th March 2019

 Karen has asked me to make a second quilt for her family as a new baby is expected soon. it will be similar to the previous one in design but the colours will be different. The design is one which features things which the family love and the area that they live in, Kansas USA. Karen has sent me some treasured fabrics to be included so that this will be a family heirloom quilt. Here is the first block:


 There will be two of these at the bottom end of the quilt. Here is the next one, a star too but smaller:


 In the middle of the quilt will be a house, some mountains, the starry sky and some sunshine.... 


 At the sides will be other smaller blocks:


 As the blocks are made they are put up on the design wall so that I can see the effect of colours against each other and get the balance right. Here is the quilt so far:


 Next all the blocks are sewn together and the borders added. These have been made from as much of Karen's treasured fabric as possible. Then the three layers of the backing fabric, the wadding and the top are layered together and pinned carefully.


 The quilting stitches are added by sewing machine. This really enhances the the design of the quilt.

Here is the finished quilt: 






 Here you can see the backing fabric and the binding which is made from scraps of Karen's fabrics:



 The finished quilt is a first bed size. I hope it will be a treasure for Karen's family for a long time to come. Welcome to the world Baby Marilynne Gail.

 7th June 2019

Here is a quilt made for a present to Teddy who is two years old. His first baby clothes have been included and also some appliques of things which are special to him. The daffodils are for Wales, the caravan is for his first holiday. The red and white fabric is from his first football shirt. The children are his big brother and sister. The quilt is a first bed size and I hope it will give him lots of happiness.


 The backing fabric is white with tiny characters from Winnie the Pooh.


 10th June 2019

Louise has sent me some fabrics to make a quilt for her little daughter. The fabrics have big designs so I am going to make a simple designed quilt which uses the animals and maps shown, to the best advantage by fussy cutting the material. Here are the fabrics:


 I am going to cut 12 inch squares and then we will decide on the sashing and central interlocking squares. Here is the layout of the big squares:


 I am trying two different background fabrics for the sashing, one dark blue with random stars and the other a pale natural coloured cotton. Here is the darker one on the left: 


 Here is the pale one on the left:


 At the intersections I am trying out two different fabrics, one is the dark blue starry fabric, the other is a pale grey polka dot one:


Louise has chosen the darker surround for the squares, and here is the finished top of the quilt being layered with the backing fabric and wadding:


 Next the quilting is done through all three layers. I have kept the quilting simple to echo the crisp design of the quilt. Here you can see the backing fabric which is Liberty Tala Lawn, such a beautiful soft cotton fabric:


The binding is applied to the edges of the quilt, I have chosen a navy white stripe which echoes the zebra's stripes in the main squares:


 Here is the finished quilt which is a single bed size:


 And a few details.....



 This quilt measures 58 x 73 inches