Here you can see what I am making at the moment, and you can see the design process, also how the patchwork quilts are made. I hope you enjoy the diary style of this page.

 Quilts for 2017

The first quilt of the year is one I have made with fabric I had in stock. Really it is pure indulgence on my part as I was very much wanting to use the small amount of 'owls on a branch' fabric I had been hoarding as I love it so much! I wanted the quilt to have a woodland feel in fairly bright colours and have designed it so that it could be a little quilt for a child or a wallhanging and even a sofa throw for and adult. I love the owls and dragonflies in our garden and the deer on the common land which I can see from our windows and this quilt has both, so is a big hit for me! Here is the finished quilt:


 Here are some highlights:



 The backing fabric is white with pale blue polka dots and the binding is a pale grey and white stripe fabric: 


 The quilt measures 40 inches x 40 inches ( 102 x 102 cm)

 This quilt is for sale on the Buy Now page.

 26th January 2017

 Catherine asked me to make a memory quilt for her from her boys' outgrown clothes. 

  I love the impact of the striped binding at the edges of the quilt. Here are some photos of the finished quilt, I have taken it on a walk around the house as it is such a lovely quilt to photograph.....


 Here it is against the African Kente cloth wall hanging in our sitting room, this hanging inspired the quilt design:


 Here it is against our banisters too....


 Here you can see the effect of the binding:


 And again because I love it!!


 Last one, this t-shirt design was too big for the front, so I have hand stitched it to the back....


 I hope this quilt will be a real treasure in Catherine's family. I will find it really hard to part with it from the sewing room and several people have asked if it is for sale!

 2nd April 2017

Kerry has asked me to make a large cot quilt for a gift to a baby yet to be born. She would like a woodland theme with owls in blue and green. This has sparked a new design for me and I have enjoyed drawing woodland creatures. 

 The backing fabric has little birds in bright colours on a white background to echo the creatures on the front of the quilt. Here is the finished quilt and some highlights:






 I am so pleased with this new design and will be adding it to the baby quilts page as a general design. I will add a name at the bottom of the quilt when the new owner is safely delivered. 

 6th April 2017



 I wanted to add a padded fish ( on the right) and a red heart to the bottom of the quilt, so I have put Jude's date of birth on the label on the back of the quilt:


 Here are some details of the finished quilt:





 Tomorrow is Jude's first birthday and I hope he has a lovely day. His quilt depicts lots of the things which have happened in his first year and I hope he will enjoy using it for a long time.

27th April 2017

Here is a small cot quilt made for James to give his new nephew:





 8th May 2017

Rhian  asked me to make a first bed size quilt for her little boy Ivor. The theme is a nautical one, boats, the sea, the beach and a large whale which is part of the nursery decor. Here is the finished quilt. The edges are bound with navy fabric which is the same on the back of the quilt. I think this gives a lovely crisp look to the quilt. 


 Here are some close up pictures:




I hope Ivor will use his quilt for many years and enjoy all the detail and fish.

 8th June 2017

A single bed quilt made for a 21st birthday: 






24th October 2017

Louise has asked me to make a memory quilt from ethnic wraps used at a family wedding. The colours of the wraps are bright with woven striped borders and the tassels are lovely. Here they are:

 The design we have chosen is one with a woven effect which will use the stripes well. Here is the first block:



And here is the second block:


 Now nine blocks have been made and stitched together with a cream calico fabric inbetween as a sashing. Here is the finished top of the quilt:


 Next the three layers of the top, wadding and the backing fabric are layered together and pinned before the quilting stitches are added by machine:


 The backing fabric is cotton with a design of tiny dotted rings which I chose because the quilt is a wedding memory quilt.



 Here is the quilting stitching which is done by machine:


 And here is the finished quilt:


The quilt measures 120.5 x 131.5cm and is a good size for a sofa throw. 





Louise has also asked me to make a second quilt for her using fabrics on a London theme. It will be a single bed size and is for her little boy. Here are the fabrics she has sent me:


We have decided on a design of squares and rectangles and I have kept the feature fabrics in larger rectangles to show of the patterns and pictures. Here is the basic block:


 Gradually the blocks are made and laid out so I can see the whole design and check the colour and pattern balance:


Here is the finished centre of the quilt top: 


Next the sashing will be added to the sides, then the quilt top will be finished and ready for quilting. 

After the top has been finished, the three layers of top, wadding and the backing fabrics are layerered together and pinned. I have chosen to quilt this quilt quite simply along the seam lines and then add some free motion quilting in the borders.


The backing fabric is navy with little polka dots and I have added borders of the feature fabrics to use as much of the fabric which Louise has chosen especially for the quilt.


 When the quilting is finished, the edges are bound to finish them tidily. I have used scraps of the fabrics to make the binding which makes the edge less formal in look.

 Here is the finished quilt which is a single bed size:



 I hope Louis will love his quilt for many years. The wadding is 100% cotton and the quilt has a lovely soft feel too.

1st November 2017

Sarah has asked me to make a memory quilt for her family which will be used as a picnic quilt. She has sent me lots of clothes and decided  on a simple grid design to show off the fabrics. Here I have laid the fabrics out on a white sheet so we can see what it will look like:


 We tried some coloured squares between the rows and then decided against them. We decided on a white fabric background for the special fabrics. Next the fabrics are cut into 5.5 inch squares and arranged again to get the best balance, then the white sashing fabrics are added. Here is the finished top of the quilt:


Here is the top finished and layered with the backing fabric and wadding. The backing fabric is navy with small polka dots which echo the fabrics on the top of the quilt: 


 The three layers are carefully pinned before the quilting stitching is added.

 Here is the quilting stitching which surrounds each square and then with free motion quilting on the long stripes:


 Lastly the edges of the quilt are trimmed and bound with a navy white striped fabric to give a crisp border to the quilt. Here is the finished quilt:




 I hope Sarah and her family will have lots of summer picnics with this quilt and it will give her many happy memories too.

18th November 2017

 Transport quilt made for Kate to give newborn baby Harry. This quilt measures 32.5 x 43 inches ( 82.5 x 108cm) and is a cot size.


 Here are some details: